Need a delegation/office in Madrid?

When we in WorkPlaza think of entrepreneurs and SMEs from outside the Madrid region, we ask ourselves:

How many of these companies need a delegation/office in Madrid?

We have no hard data. However, we do believe that many companies and entrepreneurs would like to have some sort of physical representation in Madrid in order to invoice more. We must also recognize that, obviously, it is a question that very few companies have asked themselves.

Why not?

Simply because we assume that, for the vast majority of companies outside of Madrid, it is a too high investment when you consider that the return of investment is an unknown fact. And we feel the same. There is no company that, without knowing the return, makes a large investment in a city many kilometres from his office. In any case, if you visit Madrid for professional reasons, you will have a number of meetings arranged with other companies or professionals.

Given that it’s foolish to make an investment in Madrid without any contrasted need, another question lights up in our head:

When do we need to consider a delegation/office?

Without describing the details, we think there are two phases:

In the first phase, you get positive responses to communications sent to companies and/or entities in Madrid, like an email, a call, etc. These communications may lead to visits/meetings to customer’ premises, etc.. Depending on the type of activity of the company, for example, if it is a toy factory, it is perfectly justified that there is no need for a physical delegation in Madrid, but if your business is to provide advisory services in any kind of profession (basically “sell” knowledge in man-hours), you may need to have work places or meeting rooms later.

The second phase is when a project to provide services or sell products is appointed to your company. At that time, the company will need occasionally a infrastructure for meetings, preparation, etc., regardless of whether most of the work is done at the home office far away from Madrid. When this happens, it opens a new market niche and the company can evaluate to have more sales activities in Madrid.

At a certain moment the company starts invoicing in Madrid and decides that a physical space is required and, if possible, a representative one. The solution is easy to find but at expensive prices. The solutions are having an office (can also be leased), business centres or reserve meeting rooms in hotels or similar. These are good solutions, but the better the space/office and the more representative it is, the higher the price you will have to pay. From our point of view, a too expensive solution. The higher the price of an infrastructure, the higher overall spending (exploitation costs) and this will affect directly the cost of the services offered and performed and consequently it will jeopardize the competitive positioning.

WorkPlaza has designed 2 very attractive plans for these companies. The “Club Delegación” of WorkPlaza that has 2 categories and meet the following needs:

  • Having an official address (domicile of the delegation) in a representative area of Madrid as the Goya Street;
  • Availability of meeting rooms of different sizes;
  • Availability to work a number of hours at different work seats.

All this for only for 25,- or 10,- € for the monthly fee per company, depending on the mode you choose,  plus 1, – € per hour and person for the use of meeting rooms and work places.

Our solution covers most needs at a very attractive cost. Also, in a spectacular work environment. And I can confirm this it with hard data. Approximately 80% of the visits we receive of interested clients end up signing the affiliation to the club.

This solution for companies outside of Madrid, offers a wide open door that makes doing business in the capital of Spain possible without making large investments and spending unnecessary amount of money. The solution has a pay-per-use philosophy.

 What is their excuse now to try to sell their products or services to many companies and government agencies in Madrid?

 Expand your business, expand your income! Do not wait, get informed on our new website or call us at +34 911 260 405.


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